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- Bring Out the Natural Flirt In You - Even If You Have No Idea
What To Say or Do!
How To Flirt With Men In Any Situation - Easily!

Mimi Tanner's "Secrets of Flirting With Men - How To Flirt
With Any Man Now" Online Program With The Secrets Of Flirting and
Getting The Attention of YOUR Man - of ANY Man.

A special message from Mimi Tanner, author of Calling Men, Hard to Get
and Man Mistake Eraser
Dear Beautiful Friend,
When you want to flirt with a man, do you know exactly what to say in
any situation - words that are funny, fun, alluring, and flirtatious -
all at the same time?
Do you honestly know how to flirt with any guy you find
attractive - and how to read his subtle signals so you can see how
you're doing?

In my Secrets of Flirting With Men program, you will get all the
Flirting words you'll ever need! I've done all the thinking for you so
you don't have to struggle for the right words - that's why women buy
this program!
You'll also know how to act - and react - to men when you want to flirt
with them. I've designed Flirt With Men Formulas that will fit any
situation, so you will know just what to do.
And what about those times when you just need an all-purpose reaction
that can apply to a hundred different things the men in your life might
do or say? I've got that covered too.
Flirting is what makes love exciting - whether you're married or
single. The ability to flirt with men is the single most important
lovelife skill that every woman needs to master. When you are a true
Flirt at heart, you can have the lovelife of your dreams - for the rest
of your life.
It's absolutely true, my friend. When you truly know how to "flirt with
men" and guys, you hold in your hands the key to the heart of that
special man in your world - and of all the men who will wish they were
in your world.
In fact, you may find yourself in the enviable position of being able
to choose between several men who are vying for the top place in your

Have you ever wanted to ask a man "where you stand" with him? Find out
right now why this is one of the #1 Mistakes Women Make!

Get an email right now to answer the question "Should You Ever Ask a
Man Where Things Stand?" from Mimi Tanner, author of Man Mistake Eraser

Your email address will only be used to subscribe you to Mimi Tanner's
daily email column. It is never shared with anyone. You will only
receive emails from Mimi about relationship topics. You will not
receive any emails other than the ones from Mimi Tanner. Mimi's email
column is read daily by women and men all over the world. You can
unsubscribe at any time.

After clicking, you'll go to a page telling you how to confirm your
free subscription. Then please return to this page so we can continue
talking about how to flirt with Men!
You'll also receive an email immediately.

Have you ever known the consternation - but the secret thrill - of
having two men arguing with each other because each man wanted the
other guy to disappear, so he could have you all to himself?
I have.
I was dating two men at the same time - two entirely different but very
interesting men. One was an artist; the other was a writer. Neither was
famous but both were very talented.
One day they both appeared at my weekend place of work - which
happened to be a public, outdoor place - at the same time. They both
were already unhappily aware of each other's existence.
These two men glared at each other. Not longer after that, they began
quietly but intensely arguing with each other in broad daylight, just a
few feet away from where I was working. You could cut the tension in
the air with a knife. They detested each other - only because they each
wanted an exclusive claim on my affections. (I tried to get them to
stop, but nothing I did helped.)
I never wanted two men to argue over me, and would never have chosen
that situation. But I have to be honest - a part me was deeply
flattered. It was quite a feeling to witness this event taking place
and know that I was the reason for it. And I'm not a raving beauty or a

Flirting Is What A Man Needs From You
More Than Anything Else

What caused two grown, civilized men to care enough about one woman to
engage in a heated public debate? I think it's because I instinctively
knew certain things about men that many other women don't know.
Actually, instinct isn't the best explanation - I'd been studying this
subject since my teens. Few things have ever interested me more than
the subject of how a woman attracts a man.
When a person is passionately interested in a subject, he or she tends
to become an expert on it. And over the years, I became something of an
expert on what it takes for a woman to attract a man - and keep him
Flirting is very high on that list - the kind of flirting that can
happen anywhere, any time - flirting with a guy you just met, or
flirting with the man you've been married to for twenty years.
Flirting takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.
Flirting is what will cause a man to be devoted to you for the rest of
his life.
Lots of women hold on to their men through sheer habit, obligation,
manipulation, guilt, or a marriage license and children. Men in this
kind of set-up aren't really happy, and aren't really living.
What a man wants more than anything in his heart of hearts is a woman
who knows his personal "flirt language" - whether he just met her, or
whether she's the woman he wakes up next to every morning of his life.
Even if you don't know how to flirt with a man, you can easily apply
these insider secrets - yes, even if you consider yourself to be shy.
And you'll never run out of men - if you take my complete program to
heart. If one romance ends, you can relax - because as a Flirt, you
will have a new romance in your life any time you desire one.

Life Without Flirting ...Is Just Existing!!

It's tragic, really, that many people go through life without ever
knowing the heart-racing thrill of a flirtatious encounter.
Think back for a moment - don't those times when you actually did find
yourself in a flirting situation stand out in your mind, to be
remembered by you forever?
I'll never forget the first time a guy flirted with me - I was only
twelve and so was he! We were in a small group piano class. This boy,
whose name was Joe, kept grabbing my desk (while I was sitting in it)
and yanking it right next to his when the teacher wasn't looking. Over
and over again.
I stared at him in disbelief and continued pulling my desk back to
where it was supposed to be. I thought he had lost his mind. Finally he
looked at me with a sly smile, and said, "You're blushing."

- I'll never forget how I felt after he said that. Let's
just say that my eyes were opened - and not only to the fact that he
was telling me he liked me. That was the moment I first discovered the
power of a flirtatious encounter. I don't think I've been the same
I know that you too can look back and remember many times when flirting
with a guy has made your heart beat faster!
Let's face it, getting the attention of any man can sometimes be tough
(especially getting the right kind of attention)!
There's no doubt, the thought of flirting with men can be scary for
many people - terrifying, in fact - but it's something like a roller
coaster ride, isn't it - it can be tremendously thrilling, and can
provide some of the most cherished and memorable moments in your entire
life. In fact, it's the secret of all truly exciting encounters between
a man and a woman!

Of course, some people erroneously think that you can do fine without
an understanding of flirting. WRONG! Just take a look at their results.
Really now - how many women do you know who have the man of their
dreams who are NOT natural flirts at heart? How many truly exciting
relationships do not have FLIRTING at their core?
However, the big problem is most books on this subject are filled with
unrealistic scenarios, not to mention a few things that many women do
NOT want to do - such as prowl for men in seedy bars! Many of these
books were actually written by MEN, who know what they think they want,
but who don't have the true knowledge of a successful "femme fatale."
Since my earliest teens, I've been devouring every bit of information
there is to find on the subject of male-female relationships - and,
over the years, adding my own unique observations, wisdom, and
experiences. I know I can show you everything you need to know about
flirting - in a fun, interesting, and entertaining way.

Any woman CAN flirt. What's more, men
love it! And they will love you for flirting with them.

I decided to make these flirting secrets available to everyone as an
online program. In case you don't know me, I'm Mimi Tanner, and I write
a daily email column for women about relationships. Well over one
hundred thousand people read my columns daily.
My key insights on flirting with guys are designed to meet the
needs of even the most shy and hesitant woman. My flirting tips will
work for you no matter what your age. Let my "How To Flirt" class be
your top secret resource to build your confidence and have heart-racing
fun in the process.
My online program called "Secrets of Flirting: Flirt With Men - Any
Man, Any Time" is the quickest, easiest, and best way to discover how
to flirt with men. You'll get absolutely everything any woman needs to
know in order to flirt with a man. You'll have every piece of alluring,
romantic "ammunition" at your disposal and you'll know these easy
flirting formulas to use with when you flirt with guys. You'll never be
at a loss for words.
What is an online program?

Your "flirting lessons" all on a password-protected website! Everything
is on there for you to access at any time. You can also save
everything on your computer. You have lifetime access to this program,
so you can return to it at your convenience at any time of the day or
night - and get all updates and new bonuses. Best of all, your total
privacy is assured.
The men in your life will be gratified with the new, lighthearted way
you interact with them. You'll discover everything you need to know
about flirting with a man. Even just a quick five minutes of logging
in will inspire you - so this fits your busy schedule. I guarantee that
you will get the flirtatious mindset just by reading the pages - and
you'll enjoy every minute of it!

Now you can discover...

How to flirt with ALL men.

The right (and the wrong) ways to flirt - plus five audio
lessons from a man's point of view!

How to have a hypnotic effect on a man (but don't worry, no
hypnosis will be used).

Ways you can practice your flirting-with-men skills to get
ready for serious flirting with guys where it counts.

How to make sure you don't step over the line with any man (or
make an enemy of a woman in his life - the one you didn't know about
soon enough!)

What to do when, in the middle of your encounter, you realize
that you misjudged this guy, and you need to get the heck away from
this character.

How to be gracious if you must say "no thanks" to a man who is
interested in you.

How to flirt with men very innocently but send some very hot
messages at the same time.

How to make any man of any age feel more like a man!

How to deny, deny, deny that you were flirting with him (if
you find yourself in HOT WATER because you flirted almost TOO WELL)

How to charm and flirt with your husband or boyfriend like
never before - he'll wonder what has happened to you but he'll love you
for it!

How to recover from an embarrassing or even mortifying

How to make him want to see you again... and how to continue
your subtle flirting and keep the fires burning between you.

How to get inside a man's head and meet his deepest
psychological needs - and they are NOT what you think!
This really is the ultimate program on "How To Flirt With Men"
Even if you're a married woman, you'll benefit immensely from "Flirting
With Men" because you'll find out how to charm and excite your husband,
and will bring intense, new sparks to the homefires of your marriage.
Yes, you can discover to flirt with a man - any time, any place, and
with anyone! Yes, anyone! (Relax, I promise not to get you arrested.
But your charms CAN and WILL become so fun that they should be
Some women decide to print out the information. Some women save it on
their computer. But be sure to log in regularly to see what's new.
And of course, be very sure who gets their hands on your secret
information - it's really important that you do not share your secrets
with anyone!

"Knowing What To Say Is Easier Than You Ever Imagined!"

This class would make a great seminar - but that is not very practical,
because women from all over the world read this website every day.
That's why this is all online for you to access from your computer at
any time.
Along with getting all the jealously guarded secrets of flirting with
men that you will ever need, I've included other information that you
just cannot do without - information that will affect your relationship
long-term, and will also affect all the relationships in your life, in
order to convince you to sign up for my program, because I know you
will love it as much as hundreds of other women do (see some of their
comments below)!
FACT: You'll never find this exact in-depth information in any
other ebook, course, or manual. This is NOT a ghost-written, generic
piece of fluff - and many other books out there are indeed created by
hired ghost-writers. I wouldn't dream of it. My books are the real
FACT: this is the ONLY flirting class that is written
specifically *just for women*!
All the other flirting classes are written for both men and women, but
not this one. This way, I can discuss "woman to woman" secrets that,
frankly, we really don't want men to know. I put my heart and soul into
this course, holding nothing back - this class is my "baby" and it's
very special to me - and so are the people who sign up for it! However
- please be aware of one thing:

When Is the Last Time You Flirted With a Man?

This program will make ALL your flirting efforts SO much
easier. You'll find them automatic responses after you read and absorb
"Secrets of Flirting," which contains highly guarded information that I
simply do not want "just anyone" to know.
I must confess something: I don't want to pass these flirting secrets
on to anyone who might not recognize their value. I've given this
program my all, and I'm continually refining it. This program is for
women who approach it with a spirit of fun - and who want to know
everything they can about flirting and attracting men.

My Exclusive, "Love It Or Leave It"
100% Money-Back Risk-Free Guarantee

I'm so certain that you will love and benefit from Secrets of Flirting
With Men, and that you will enjoy taking it, that I'm offering an
ironclad money-back guarantee. Here's how it works: Sign on today, and
try it out for 2 full months. Then if you don't think that the class
shows you how easy it is to become an accomplished flirt in your
everyday life and give you the tools you will use not only to flirt but
to enjoy increased popularity with others in your daily life, then just
send me an email, and I will provide a prompt refund.
So you really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. That's how
sure I am that you will be extremely happy with the "Secrets of
Flirting With Men" Class! I have spent a lifetime researching this
subject, and I continue to research it to this day. I'll provide you
with ALL the information you'll ever need to become the flirt you were
meant to become!

Special Note:
Announcing a Very Special Bonus:
As a free gift for a limited time, I'm giving you my treasured "Secret"
Bonus Manual: "How To Have A Hypnotic Effect on a Man and Meet His
Deepest Psychological Needs."

This precious manual reveals how to meet your man's hidden
psychological needs and become the woman he can't stop thinking about -
and the woman he can trust with his own deepest revelations. No actual
hypnosis is used, but the effect on your man will be the same as if you
had him under your spell - for life. Why? Because you will be meeting
his deepest psychological needs.
- His deepest psychological needs are NOT what you might
be thinking! These truths are NOT about "appreciation"! You already
KNOW that men want to be appreciated!
This secret manual contains precious information which affects your
long-term relationship with your man. It reveals some of the most basic
truths of human nature. And if you use these truths not only with men,
but with everyone in your life, you'll find that your life goes more
smoothly, with less resistance from others, and that you will become
more loved and sought after than you have ever been before.
Please note that "How To Have A Hypnotic Effect on a Man and Meet His
Deepest Psychological Needs" is available ONLY for a short time more.
That's because I am developing this information for a new book. Grab
this great deal now - with my thanks, appreciation, and admiration for
your sincere interest in flirting!

Your one-time investment to join this unique class is normally [DEL:
$49.95 :DEL] , which is less than ten dollars per class, and the bonus
books are thrown in FREE.
WAIT - Right Now, you can get my unique "Secrets of Flirting With Men"
Online Class for a fraction of the usual price: only [DEL: $49.95 :DEL]
$29.97! - paid once and membership in this unique class is yours
forever. This is a great value for what this information is worth to
your love life.

Here is what you will receive:

Immediate access to the private website with the entire
comprehensive program which will show you exactly "How to Flirt With
Any Man On The Planet!"

5 Audio classes on "How to Flirt With Men" which you can hear
on your computer - no sound files to download!

2 Bonus guidebooks, including "How to Meet More Men Than You Ever
Dreamed Possible"
Here is SOME of what you will discover within the classes:
"The Flirting Formulas: Knowing What To Say." You will always
have a ready response to any situation!

"Confidence and Attracting Men"
"How You Look and Move - The Messages You Send To Men"

"How To Keep a Man Interested"

"The Worst Mistakes Women Make with Men"
"Body Language of the Master Flirt"
"The Flirting Prop and Special Flirting Situations" including
how-to-flirt-with-men formulas for when you're already in a
"The Top 20 Rules for Attracting Men"
Reports from Class Members on their Flirting Experiences!

And the free gift - the "Secret" Bonus Manual: "How To Have A Hypnotic
Effect on a Man and Meet His Deepest Psychological Needs."

Your complete privacy is assured.

Unsolicited Testimonials from 'Flirt With Men' Secrets Members:

"Dear Mimi,
I just wanted you to know that ever since I started receiving your
emails (just 1 month), and taking the Flirting Secrets course, I feel
so much better about myself, and I always walk around with a smile.
[Previously] I had one very pathetic long distance relationship. Now I
have 3 guys interested in me.
I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but now I think that everyone
needs to know that your advice really works. Thank you so much." --from
a Flirting Secrets Member
"Mimi, I used your flirting techniques from the time I entered the
restaurant. ... It worked. I had one guy who was crazy about me,
another told me I was sooo attractive, hot, and told me dump the guy on
my right who I had been talking to and laughing. Then two guys just
kept smiling at me and came over to talk to me.
Your flirting works and I had the greatest time. I have never quite
acted this way and I know it works." --from a Flirting Secrets Member
"Hi Mimi, I can't tell you how much your emails and your "flirting with
men secrets" that I purchased have made a difference to my life."
--from a Flirting Secrets Member
"Mimi, when I first signed up for your flirting class, I laughed at
myself, because at my age (56), I thought I Knew it all...e to find
out after being married for 27 years to the same man before he passed
away, I knew nothing about the outside dating world, flirting was
unheard of as only the easy wicked women did that sort of
thing...anyway I have dated off and on but your most recent article
really hit home. I re-read your flirting manual and have been
practicing... I keep learning more and more each day and I know I don't
have to settle for just any man." --from a Flirting Secrets Member
"Mimi: I'm putting certain tips into practice and it's amazing how men
respond! I'm practicing on my housemate - he's a friend - and I don't
think he's any the wiser! I used to think I couldn't flirt - but a lot
of the stuff you said made me realise that it's what I've been doing
all along!" --from a Flirting Secrets Member
--All From Flirting Secrets Members

I urge you to take action right now and grab this "Secrets of Flirting
with Men" online course now. Try out this class at my expense! Don't
miss out on the secrets that can truly change your world.
With love,
Mimi Tanner

Order with Confidence With Our Secure Ordering Method through
Clickbank, the world's largest seller of online information.

$29.97 - Order now through our secure order company.
(Your credit card will show only "Clk*Bank")

Click the Button To Get Your Flirt On


"Secrets of Flirting with Men - The Online Class with Mimi Tanner"

You will have immediate access to the entire course through my private
website - and once you get in, you can enter the website any time you
want. If you need any assistance, my customer service person will help
you promptly.


P.S. I can't wait to get started teaching you this exciting
information. I can't think of a more fun and exciting subject than "How
To Flirt" - and it's a skill you will use all your life, in one form or
another, with ALL the men in your life.
Click the link to get started right away. See in you our "Secrets of
Flirting with Men" class!
P.P.S. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to start flirting
with any man on the planet!
I only ask one thing: that you will take great care with how you use
this powerful information.
Your shyness or lack of self-confidence around men will truly be
transformed once you unlock my secrets to the fun, fantastic, lifelong
art of flirting. A new kind of confidence in your womanly charm and
power will now be yours.

Act now: You will ALSO receive Mimi's "Secret" Bonus Manual which may
be removed at any time.
"How To Have A Hypnotic Effect On Your Man and Meet His Deepest
Psychological Needs"!

Start now - I'll see you on the private website of our online class!
You should be on the private website immediately after payment.
If you are need any assistance, email us at:
flirt "at" oak forest books
How To Flirt With Men
The Secrets of Flirting With Men
By Mimi Tanner
Oak Forest Publishing
flirt [at] oakforestbooks

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